10 Independent Brands You Need To Know

Flowers by Wilderness Flowers Thanks for the photo Fall For DIY

I’d been super excited about attending the WKND:IN event ever since Olivia invited me a couple of months before. Two days filled with creative workshops, talks with independent brands and meeting a whole new circle of bloggers.

The event was held in a converted barn aptly named The Shed, 20 minutes drive from Taunton station in Somerset. The space itself is an amazing blend of vintage and modern furnishings and the open plan layout meant it was perfect for a large group of people without feeling like you’re on top of each other. With the additional swimming pool and games room, it would be the perfect place for a large group of friends to get away for a few days in the countryside too!

I thought I’d take you through some of the creative workshops that were held over the couple of days. All of the brands were independent, which I loved. It was super interesting to hear about their individual journeys and I thought you might like to hear about them too!


A brand that begun with artisan bars of soap and now provides boutique hotels and shops with their luxury body lotions and soaps. Louisa’s journey from clinical Psychologist to artisan soap maker was such an interesting one. You can see through the way she’s designed the two scents in her range she takes a great deal of inspiration from how a scent can conjure a feeling or memory within someone. I love the fact that the products are mostly organic (89%). We also learnt that in the beauty industry a product only needs to have 1% of organic ingredients to be classified as organic!

You can find Louisa’s products on her website here, my favourite was definitely the Bleu scent!

Owl & the Apothecary

Katy from the Owl & the Apothecary had such great energy! We spent the first part of her session performing a couple of rituals to focus the mind; my favourite was definitely writing something that we wanted to rid of from our lives. We were told to choose a feeling or situation and write it down on a piece of paper ready to set a light to it straight after. There was something really cathartic about the whole process. We then moved onto mood board making; focussing down on areas in our lives that we wanted to pay attention to over the next few months. My areas were relationships, travel and adventure and creative expression. I hadn’t created a mood board since secondary school, but it was such a great way to make something that would hone in your focus and goals for the next couple of months. Katy also creates ritual kits which would be the perfect gift for someone going through a change in their lives. You can find her kits and more information about her workshops here.


Osmology is an online and Bristol based candle shop. They focus  on sourcing independent candle makers from all over the world. The selection of candles that Liz brought along was crazy. It’s so nice to hear someone so passionate about what they do and I love the fact that her shop only concentrates on candles. My particular favourite was this Golden Coast candle (below), however I also loved the aesthetics of the Boy Smells candles from LA too (the Kush scent was definitely a favourite in the group!). If you’re ever visiting Bristol and are near the Christmas steps be sure to visit Liz,  not only does the shop look amazing, I’m pretty sure it smells pretty good too! You can also find the Osmology online here too.

6 O’clock Gin

Photo taken by Sophie Careful

We ended the day with a cocktail making session with Pete from 6 O’Clock Gin. The family run company creates super smooth tasting gin which when mixed with their dry tonic water or in a cocktail is the perfect recipe for a Summer’s evening.

My favourite of the cocktails we created was the clover club.

Here’s the recipe below:


  • 25ml of Raspberry Liquer
  • 50ml of 6 O’Clock Gin
  • Juice of 1 x Squeezed Lemon
  • 1 x Egg Whites
  • 1 Raspberry
  • Method
  1. Place Ice in a Martini Glass to cool it
  2. Place all ingredients into a cocktail shaker and shake.
  3. Remove Ice from Martini glass
  4. Using a julep strainer (or similar) slowly pour your Cocktail into the Martini glass
  5. Finish with a raspberry on top

Summer Photo Styling Challenge

This workshop brought together multiple brands. The first company we were introduced to was Seven Boot Lane. They create beautiful shoes and sandals in an old cowboy boot factory in Spain; so each style has a slight western touch. We then paired the shoes with bikinis from Beija London and cotton towels from Hammam Havlu. The workshop itself definitely tested my flat lay skills and though I didn’t love my bikini shot, I was pretty pleased with how my sandal shot turned out!

Ollie Quinn

A sunglasses brand who creates amazing quality sunglasses and prescription glasses for only £98. Their workshop was filled with colourful pom poms and flowers. After managing to dismantle  my first pom poms, I finally got the hang of it and created this fluffy, flowery creation! The sunglasses I’m wearing in the photo are their Jordana frame, I love the contemporary lightweight frame combined with a little nod to that iconic 1950s frame shape.


Our final workshop was with Yawn pyjamas, a luxury brand whose patterns are colourfully unique and their fabric is super soft. We all changed into a pair of pyjamas, turned off our phones and discussed what we would normally do to relax. It was definitely a nice reminder that you need to switch off once in a while and take some time to chill out. We then proceeded to play board games for the rest of the session, which I hadn’t done for ages! Check out their beautiful patterns here. My pair are the from the wandering wisteria range which are now in the sale here!

Photo taken by Sophie Careful 

Resisting the urge to drive home in my pyjamas, I changed before saying goodbye to everyone. It was definitely a memorable couple of days. Having never done a residential workshop of any kind, I was a little apprehensive to meet everyone and didn’t know what to expect. After 48 hours of meeting new people and finding out their individual takes on creating content for their blogs and social media, I left feeling super inspired and motivated!

Thanks to Olivia for organising the event and to everyone I met over the couple of days away, it was so nice to meet everybody!