Getting Active

One of my new year’s resolutions is to do at least three sporting activities a week. For some, this might seem like a small amount, but for a person like me who would rather curl up with a good book or tv series (especially during the winter!) it’s an achievable goal, which so far I’ve managed to stick to.

I’ve had to work quite hard to incorporate fitness into my weekly routine, especially as I’m out walking the dogs for 40 minutes twice a day too. I have however noticed as I’ve got older that I can’t eat what I want and watch all of those series on Netflix without feeling pretty sluggish and unenergised. I noticed that as soon as I started getting active again my energy levels were so much better, which at the same time had a positive effect on my mental health too. There’s something about being outside or getting out and taking part in a class with other people that I really enjoy.

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