As well as the usual fashion and lifestyle posts I would love to share some more personal thoughts on the blog with you guys too. Just like my recent post about the photos you see on your daily feed, I wanted to share my thoughts about life moments and things that are affecting me.

After being out of the country for the last three weeks it’s given me a lot of time to think about where I am in life. Does anyone else get that? When you’re away from your daily routine and you start to think about your life way more than you would if you were at home?

I’ve really enjoyed the opportunity to hang out with so many different people during our time away. I think it’s always good to chat to other people and find out what they’re doing with their lives, as sometimes you forget (especially in this industry) that there are things going on beyond what you’re doing in your life.

Every year I creep slightly closer to turning 30 and it freaks me out a little bit more. There’s always that thought in the back of my head that I should be achieving great things before I’m 30 – no pressure with only two years to go! I feel like that’s such an absurd thought to be thinking; that gives me two years to not only set up a solid career for myself, after a career change at the beginning of this year, but also to have achieved something ‘great’ within that time. But why does it have to be 30 and who would be the judge of that ‘great’ thing? Myself? Other people?

After this mild anxious panic that always distracts me before my birthday I start to realise that no one has everything together, and if they give you the impression that they do, there will be somewhere in their life that they don’t. And that’s ok, I fully admit that I’m a woman in my late 20s who definitely does not have it all together, I personally think I wouldn’t be human if I did.

I think the important thing to remember is to start taking steps to make yourself feel like you have achieved something with your day. Like the phrase, ‘do something everyday that scares you’, it doesn’t have to physically scare you, but it’s good to keep pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. Even if travelling out of your comfort zone means speaking to someone you’ve never met or going to do that workshop on your own.

It helps to either give yourself a goal or make a conscious effort to do something, even if that something is for someone else. Sometimes I spend so much time worrying about doing things that I end up not doing it or talking myself out of it. I realise the older I get the less of that I can do, you should live everyday and take the opportunities that are given to you. Even if the thing you chose happens to be the wrong decision, you still did it and will definitely learn from it either way.

When I was in my teens I had no idea where I would be at 28, at the time it felt super old but I wasn’t one of those people who knew exactly what they would be doing with their life. I was lucky enough to always chose things that I enjoyed and hoped that in some way things would figure themselves out. I’m definitely not saying this is the best life plan for everyone, but I think you definitely get out of life what you put into it and from time to time I need to remind myself.

I wanted to share this post with you as a little note to anyone who’s in the same position and feels like they still don’t have everything together. It’s ok to feel like that, as long as you’re making positive steps in your own life (however small they might be) you’re still achieving something within it. It’s good to remember you’re a completely different person to your friend who you’re comparing yourself to, you have a completely different life and that’s what makes everyone so interesting.

I feel very lucky to be in this position and don’t want to take anything that I’ve been given in life for granted. I’ve also enjoyed looking back at all the things I have achieved so far; from getting that Sunday job in the newsagents when I was 16, to receiving a university degree and even marrying my best friend. It’s also the little things like being able to make myself that morning cup of coffee and taking the dogs for a walk. They’re all achievements in their own way. I may not have everything in my life together but I’m proud of all the things I have achieved up until this point.

I hope that maybe in some way this post may have provided a little rest bite to anyone feeling slightly lost or anxious about their life. It’s a nod to you guys to say ‘hey everyone else is going through it too’.

Alexia x