Thoughts from Paris

You guys may have figured out that Paris is one of my favourite places to visit. It feels so close to home and I love the fact you can jump on the Eurostar at Kings Cross and help yourself to an authentic croissant or two in just over two hours. On this trip, we somehow managed to time our visit with 37 degree heat! I thought I’d share some of the places we visited, as I feel like every time we stay, we get to know the city a little more. 

We stayed in Le Marais and considering we booked the apartment the day before, were really impressed when we saw it in real life. It’s the perfect place if you’re travelling with a group of friend’s, as there’s space for six people to sleep and a big communal area downstairs. However the top two bedrooms were only divided by a curtain so that’s something to note.

We found a great breakfast spot called Seasons, which was walking distance from the apartment too. Our trip fell within Paris Men’s Collection so this spot was definitely the place for people watching! There’s also Breizh cafe if you’re in search of a crepe, you won’t be disappointed. We also stumbled upon a really cute coffee shop just two minutes walk from the apartment that sold great iced coffee and fresh juices. I couldn’t find it’s name but it’s the first coffee shop you come to if you turn left at the apartment at 85 Rue Du Temple.

Steve and I actually shot this set of photos in the Eurostar Business lounge; not your usual place for a photo shoot but I loved the big windows and how you could watch the world go by just outside Gare Du Nord.

Even though our trip was a short, I always leave knowing that I’ll be back to Paris very soon.

Dress: Last season TopShop but Warehouse have created one which exactly the same. Shoes: Also last season Topshop but they’ve created a platform version here or a more scrappy versions here.