A day at the Chicago Arts Institute

H & M Imitation Leather Jacket (similar here) | Brandy Melville Jumper & Top | Urban Outfitters Mum Jeans | Matt and Nat Backpack  | Adidas Court Vantage Trainers (similar here)

Steve and I’s first stop on our month long adventure is Chicago; a town I’ve always wanted to visit and it hasn’t disappointed. Yesterday we spent a day at the the Arts Institute of Chicago, exploring the Van Gogh exhibition and then popping down the road to take pictures of ourselves in front of the giant bean. Chicago was slightly colder than we expected (-1C!), which led to Steve and I wearing matching leather jackets for the day (we’re not that couple). Though I didn’t expect the colder weather, this jacket and layers combo kept me warm enough to explore the city without having to buy anything else to keep me warm!

Alexia. x