A Lesson on Self Confidence in NYC

I’ve been sitting on this post for a while. We shot the images after a long day of exploring in New York and it was the last location we came to. The street was super busy and a lot of people were queuing for a photo opportunity in front of the wall. When it came to my turn I was fine, up until a stranger came up to me and made a comment about me posing by the wall. He uttered something like ‘you think you’re sexy’ while his friend filmed my reaction on his phone. Steve instantly put his camera down and asked the guy what his problem was, which not surprisingly, quickly moved him on. Though it was brief, the incident shook me a little; I’m a big advocate of self love and feeling comfortable in your own skin, but at the same time this random guy’s comment and the fact that he was filming my reaction, really got to me. It threw me off and put my head in a place of self doubt and, made me feel really self conscious.

Looking back, I’m agitated at my reaction. As Steve kept on shooting you can see my face drop and eyes not completely connect. I should have thought f*** you to that guy and posed even more, but I didn’t. Looking at the images now, I think they’re a good reminder about how you shouldn’t let other people’s opinions or actions (especially strangers on the street) effect how you feel about yourself.

So thank you to that random guy in New York for making this set of photos possible, it was a moment of vulnerability that I wouldn’t normally display or put out online; but I wanted to share. You could be the most confident person in the world and still have your confidence knocked. It’s a good reminder to look back on things like this. Learning to not let other people get in the way of what you’re doing regardless of how self conscious and doubting their actions or words make you feel.

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