Afternoon Tea Catch Ups at One Adlwych

Recently I’ve been trying to put myself out there more, instead of sitting at home worrying that I haven’t met many people in this industry, I’ve been saying yes to most things I’m invited to. It’s through saying yes to attend a Pandora event that I met the lovely Sarah (The Prosecco Diaries) and Primrose (Style Petal). When Sarah suggested meeting for afternoon tea I was definitely up for another afternoon of laughter!

We headed to One Aldwych to try out their Charlie and the Chocolate Factory themed afternoon tea. I had the meat option, whereas the other two girls tried the vegetarian. The hotel catered really well for all of us, including making sure my servings were nut free too!

We spent the afternoon chatting, drinking champagne and catching up on what we’d all been up to. It was such a bright, quiet setting and along with the good company, it made me feel happy to have met these lovely ladies.

The best part of the tea was the dessert, you’re served your very own tower of Charlie and the Chocolate factory themed treats! If you’re looking for an afternoon tea which is both traditional but with a little bit of added fun One Aldwych is definitely the place to head. The tea itself is £45 and if you want to add a class of champagne or Cocktail Charlie it’s £56.

As I work alone from home, it’s a great thing to head out and meet up with people in the same industry. It’s something that’s made me enjoy this line of work even more, it’s so interesting to hear what people are up to, but also to share how you’re feeling about the industry too. We discussed how Instagram is changing the way people are viewing traditional blogging and how nowadays it’s not enough to just have a blog without the other social channels linking in too.

I’d recommend to anyone who’s recently gone freelance or works from home, to put yourself out there and connect with people in your industry. It’s definitely given me a new perspective of the way I work and encouraged me to be less apprehensive and strike up a conversation or suggest meeting up with someone new! Here’s to lots more afternoon tea dates with these two!

Thanks to Sarah and Primrose for snapping some photos of me too!