Chelsea in Bloom 2018

I’m so happy to have been invited to create the Chelsea in Bloom display for  Cosmetics à la Carte for a third year! This year’s theme of Summer of Love has been my favourite yet! I’ve always been slightly obsessed with the late sixties, a time where flowery flares and floaty tops were the norm and the Summer of 1967 revolved around promoting peace and love!

When I started researching the display I became slightly obsessed  with the posters and badges of the time. The iconic fonts and artwork captured the era so well and I knew that’s where I wanted the display to start. We came up with the slogan ‘Make up, not war’, a play on the iconic ‘Make love, not war’ which was created during that era. To accompany the poster I wanted a beauty image that incorporated a flower crown. Flower crowns were so present in the photography of the time and they always remind me of flower power in the sixties. I created a statement flower crown for their Summer campaign photoshoot and then chose a photo to become the hero image for the poster on the other window. I then incorporated real flowers into the window by creating a floral crown which attached to the window; during the week I created different flower crowns so the display was constantly changing.

Combined with grassy drapes of flowers above the windows I wanted to reproduce the essence of the 1967 Summer of Love, it’s definitely a more natural, less organised floral style. I’m really pleased with how the display turned out and loved the awesome pin badges specially created for the display too!

The interior of the shop was decorated with wild meadow bouquets and sprouting grassy mounds of gerberas and carnations to carry the naturalness of the exterior display inside too.

I’m super thankful to everyone who made the display possible, it was such a team effort and I couldn’t have done it without their help!

There’s so many amazing displays this year, so I would highly recommend visiting the area even just to experience the great atmosphere! Also a big thank you to everyone who voted for the display too!