DIY Day of the Dead Flower Headband


This Halloween I’m going to a Day of the Dead themed party. Any occasion that allows me to wear flowers in my hair, paint my face and wear awesome clothes is winner to me!

As the flower headdress is a big part of the costume I thought I’d make my own and share it with you guys!

You’ll need:

  • A handful of floral wire (2 pieces for every flower you’re putting on your band and around 4 pieces to go round your head)
  • 20 cm of ribbon (or elastic)
  • Around 6 silk flowers (I chose 3 big peonies & 3 smaller roses)
  • 1 roll of flower tape
  • A pair of scissors
  • A glue gun if you have it but not completely necessary!


Step 1– Take your silk flowers and pull the stem away from the flower head. Then take each head and place two of the floral wire stems in the middle. I glued my wires in place with a glue gun just to make it easier when wrapping the floral tape, but you can just hold them in place.



Step 2– Place the end of the floral tape just underneath the head of the flower on the wire. Slowly wrap the floral tape down the wire stretching it in the process. Floral tape grips better if it is stretched slightly (should go a lighter green). Also don’t worry if you stretch too much and it breaks, it sticks to itself so you can begin from where the tape broke.


Step 4– Repeat this process for each of your silk flower heads.


Step 5– Put your wired flowers to one side and tape two pieces of wire together using the same stretching and wrapping technique you used on the flowers. You only need to cover the join so the two wires don’t come apart. Once they are together wrap the wire around your head to test the size; ideally it should wrap about 3/4 of the way around your head. If you need to add a wire use the same technique when you joined the first two. When you’re happy with the size loop each end and wrap the wire to cover the end of the wire.


Step 6- Now you’re ready to attach your flowers onto the headband. I would suggest laying them out around the headband to look at spacing first. Starting from one end lay the wire of one of your flowers onto the headband wire, holding the two together attach them using the floral tape. Keep wrapping the tape until it has covered the end of the flower’s wire.


Step 7– Repeat this process for your next flowers; each time placing the flower wire and wrapping with tape. I would suggest that you lay the flowers in the same direction each time so they flow together easier. During the process hold your headdress away from you or even place it on your head so you can see how it’s coming along.


Step 8– Once you’re happy with your head band loop the ribbon/elastic through the end holes to finish it off. Once you’ve done this place it on your head and adjust the ribbon to suit. You can also change the angle your flower heads as each one is individually wired.


Hope you enjoyed this post and it provided some pretty halloween inspiration for you!


Check out my Instagram to see the full costume on Saturday night!

What are you dressing up as for halloween?

Alexia x

P.S. Thanks Nicole for helping me take the photos!