Five TED Talks by Inspiring Women

As I mentioned in this week’s vlog, I’m starting a series on my YouTube channel celebrating women working within the creative industries. Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been scouring the internet for inspiration and after my friend Kelly recommended, I started looking into a lady aptly named Jude Kelly, which led me down a rabbit hole of inspirational women speakers. I wanted to share my favourites with you in this morning’s post as there are pieces of advice that have resonated with me from the speeches below that I thought might appeal to your lives too. I’m always one for sharing knowledge and empowering others and feel like these 5 TED talks do exactly that.

Jude Kelly – Why Women Should Tell Stories of Humanity

I thought I would start with the first talk that initially sparked my interest. Jude Kelly is the current Artistic Director of the Southbank Centre, however she is soon to step down to run her Women of the World Festival full time. She highlights the issue that within our society there is this concept that women’s stories are only written for women and if you look back at historic literature the male point of view is always more predominant than the females. She champions the power of story telling and encourages women from different cultures, backgrounds and walks of life to share theirs.

Sheryl Sandberg- Why we have too few women leaders.

Sheryl Sandberg is the current COO of Facebook as well as the author of Lean in and Option B. After doing research into Sandberg herself, there are so many decisions that she’s made in  her life that are aspirational and the way she talks about her experiences and what she’s learnt in business makes you want to listen. She highlights the idea that women on average underestimate their own abilities and how we strive to feel like we’re making a difference in work and our everyday lives.

Shonda Rhimes- My Year of saying yes to everything.

Shonda Rhimes is a power force, the lady behind shows such as ‘How to get away with Murder’ and ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ (to name a couple) and as she describes in her speech is someone who is constantly busy and loves her work. Rhimes tells her story about a year where she decided to say yes to everything and how through doing this she learnt something very unexpected about herself. If you’re someone who thrives on being constantly busy and as Rhimes describes it has that constant ‘hum’ built in that keeps you powering through, this speech it for you. I think you’ll be surprised by the outcome.

Amy Cuddy- Your body language may shape who you are.

Amy Cuddy is a social psychologist and discusses the idea that we can change the way others perceive us by changing our body language. It sounds like a simple analogy but one that’s very interesting if you’re in a stage in your life where you feel under confident. She suggests ways you can use non verbal behaviours to improve your presence in situations where you might be feeling nervous or powerless. Definitely wait for a her story at the end, it had me choked up.

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie- The danger of the single story.

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie is a Nigerian author, who discusses her journey to finding her own cultural voice within her writing. I’ve watched a couple of her speeches as I really admire the way she emulates grace and humour through her public speaking. This talk discusses the danger of only hearing and believing one side of a story. In a time where there’s talk of social media echo chambers and fake news Adichie’s speech is more poignant than ever.

I hope you’ve enjoyed watching these inspiring women tell their stories. Is there anyone out there who inspires you? I would love to hear!