Happy New Year!


Happy New Year Everyone! 

I am fully aware that this post is a little late into January, however better late than never! As well as sharing my new year’s resolutions with you all, I thought I would also share some of my favourite parts of 2015 too!

New Year’s Resolutions:

  1. Try not to eat all the food before Coachella in April (and start running more).
  2. Make an effort not to be late. It’s a habit I want to try and crack!
  3. Try to manage my time better. I’m prone to saying yes to lots of things and then realising I can’t make all of them at the last minute.

These three resolutions are mainly things that I was trying to work on at the end of 2015 but I’m hoping by setting them as goals in 2016 they’ll be more to the frontof my mind.

Do you have any New Year’s resolutions? Or any tips to keep them up?

Here’s a few of my favourite moments from 2015:

Canada adventures with this one, Ben & NicoleLostFoundKeep_HNYcanada

California road trip desert dreamsLostFoundKeep_HNYDesertDreams

Hanging out with these guys…LostFoundKeep_HNYdogs

Hen Do GloriousnessLostFoundKeep_HNYhendo

…and still can’t believe this happened 🙂 LostFoundKeep_HNYWeddingpeachandjo(Photo by Peach and Jo)

There were so many moments of 2015 that I loved but if I listed them all we would be here for a while! What were you favourite moments of 2015?

Alexia. x