Homemade Bouquet

With Mother’s Day in the UK coming up this Sunday I thought I’d share some ideas of gifts you could make at home for the lovely mother figure in your life.

This post is a little how-to and is designed for you to be able to save money by buying individual bouquets of flowers from your local farmer’s market or supermarket and putting them together to create a beautifully bespoke bouquet, worthy to make anyone who receives it smile.

You’ll need:

  • 4 x Small Bouquets of Flowers ( 1 including foliage- I normally get a larger bouquet from the reduced section and take the foliage from that, it will last much longer than the flowers.)
  • Good Scissors– Don’t necessarily have to be floristry scissors, but good enough to cut through the more woody stems.
  • Twine– You only need a small amount, I actually used embroidery ribbon for this tutorial but you could used wool or gardening twine too. Pre-cut a length so you don’t need to struggle cutting it when you’ve finished your bouquet.
  • Sheet of Wrapping Paper– I picked this sheet of paper from Paper Chase, but you could use tissue paper or any kind of wrapping paper you have in the house.


  1. Start by separating your flowers into different sections. The main groups should be foliage and flowers but I also like to separate individual flowers too. This will make it easier for you when you come to putting the bouquet together. 
  2. Start by taking a single piece of foliage and holding it in your left hand (I’m right handed so use my right hand to place the flowers, if you’re left handed you might want to swap hands). Then take a flower and cross it diagonally across the piece of foliage with the base of the stem going across the foliage to the right. 
  3. Then repeat this method, alternating between flowers and foliage and turning the bouquet as you go, so that they’re evenly spaced. Keep an eye on the heads of the flowers as you turn the bouquet, just to make sure they’re not getting too squished. The flower heads are very delicate so if they get knocked or squished they may bruise.
  4. Once you’ve used all your flowers and your bouquet is finished, it’s time to cut the stems so they’re equal at the bottom.
  5. Take your piece of twine and fold it in half, then loop the double strand around the middle of the stems. Thread the end through the loop, separate the two strands and tie a knot on the opposite side of the bouquet. Make sure it’s not too tight, to make sure the stems aren’t damaged. 
  6. Then roll the bouquet up in your sheet of wrapping paper, again ensuring the flower heads are protected. Fold the end of the paper roll to stop it unravelling.
  7. When you come to put the flowers in a vase, chop the stems off to the length that fits your chosen vase and place with the string into the vase; once the flowers are placed then snip the twine from the bouquet.