Getting Active

One of my new year’s resolutions is to do at least three sporting activities a week. For some, this might seem like a small amount, but for a person like me who would rather curl up with a good book or tv series (especially during the winter!) it’s an achievable goal, which so far I’ve managed to stick to.

I’ve had to work quite hard to incorporate fitness into my weekly routine, especially as I’m out walking the dogs for 40 minutes twice a day too. I have however noticed as I’ve got older that I can’t eat what I want and watch all of those series on Netflix without feeling pretty sluggish and unenergised. I noticed that as soon as I started getting active again my energy levels were so much better, which at the same time had a positive effect on my mental health too. There’s something about being outside or getting out and taking part in a class with other people that I really enjoy.

I thought I’d share some of the activities that I’ve loved doing over the past couple of months, most of them are free and can be done from home or outside!

YouTube Sessions

YouTube is such a great place for fitness, you can find anything from Yoga to HIT sessions and everything in between. My two favourites are actually two awesome people from the UK. The first is the Body Coach, if you don’t know him already, he’s famous for his quick healthy recipes and 90 day transformation plan. Although I’m not signed up to his plan, the workouts that he uploads to his YouTube channel are awesome and genuinely tire me out.

The next person is Carly Rowena, a girl boss who gets you motivated to go out and exercise! I love her workouts and especially ones I can do in the lounge when I’ve been sitting down working all day. She has loads of different workouts up on her channel, so definitely worth a browse if you’re trying to focus on a specific area of your body too.

Canicross Running 

Having a dog that decides to run after squirrels instead of stay by your side is not the best companion choice when you want to go out for a quick run. A couple of years ago my mum and I discovered canicross, which in short is trail running while you’re attached to your dog with a bungee line. Even though it sounds a little strange, it’s genuinely one of the most fun activities I’ve ever taken part in. There’s also loads of social groups who meet up and run with their dogs together too (search canicross and your area on Facebook if you’re interested). It’s an awesome way to stay fit, chat and exercise your dog at the same time. Though nowadays my schedule is all over the place so I mostly run by myself, it’s my favourite time of day to put my trainers on, head phones in and run through the woods with the dogs!


Last year I joined my local PureGym with a group of friends, I’m not a very good gym goer as I get bored on the machines pretty quickly; I also feel like I don’t push myself as much compared to when I attend a class or workout with friends. With the membership you get free classes; having tried spinning in the past I convinced my friends to take part in a class and remembered how much I love it. I always manage to get that little bit of before gym class anxiety when I sit on the bike, but afterwards I feel like a new person!

Over the past few months I’ve tried quite a few new classes ranging from Boogie Bounce to aerial yoga, but I’ve always circled back to these three activities, especially as two out of the three don’t cost me anything either. For me it’s not particularly about getting a better body, but more encouraging myself to have a better state of mind and I’ve found exercise is definitely something that helps.

I’m always keen to try something new so I’d love to hear what type of exercise you guys do to keep fit?