How to make a silver ring taster course

On Wednesday evening last week I did something a little different; I travelled up to Hatton Garden in London to create a silver ring from scratch at the London Jewellery School. The course was a Christmas present from my mum, but it was such an enjoyable evening that I thought I would share my experience with you guys too!

We were in a class of six people and instructed step by step how to create the design of the ring in copper and then created the final piece out of silver. I loved the fact that you use all of the tools a jeweller would, as you can go on some courses and part of the process is done for you to either save time or make it easier. Each person had their own work station equipped with everything you would need to create your own piece of jewellery.

Skills wise I knew a little bit about the process but had never physically tried to make a piece of silver jewellery, so you’re definitely fine if you have no idea about the process at all as they take you through each part of creating the ring.

I actually ended up printing a pattern onto the inside of my ring and then stamping around the outside. I love the effect and the fact I’m wearing a piece of jewellery that I made myself makes it feel even more special. The course costs £56, however you obviously keep the silver ring you make, which in a shop would be around £20-£30 anyway

This course would be perfect for an alternative present or just something different to do with your evening!