Independent Brands You Need to Know- Part 2

There’s something really exciting about being introduced to new independent brands; especially when you get to meet the founders and makers behind them too. I recently attended a Weekend:IN event held at Kreativ House in Hackney. Myself and seven other bloggers spent the day meeting different independent brands and taking part in a series of creative workshops. I always look forward to attending Weekend:IN events as create such a relaxed and creative environment, where you can interact with new brands and meet people from different parts of the blogging world too!

Photo by talented Sophie Carefull

Our first workshop was with Creighton’s Chocolaterie which is run by mother and daughter team, Andrea and Lucy. They create beautifully crafted design led chocolate bars. Much like a fashion brand, they release different limited edition bars each season. We were introduced to this season’s bars, including their Girl Power one which is a dark chocolate salted caramel bar (SO TASTY!) and is in collaboration with charity Girls Out Loud. I love Andrea and Lucy’s passion for what they produce and the beautifully designed packaging along with unique flavours, makes the chocolate such a beautiful and different gift idea. They have a shop in Leighton Buzzard but you can also order them online here too! In their workshop we attempted to create our own chocolate bars. However by the end I decided to leave the chocolate making to the professionals! Their amazing quality ingredients still made my less than appealing looking chocolate bar really tasty!

Photo by talented Sophie Carefull

After a quick lunch break we were then visited by Poptails, a brand who’re based just down the road from Kreativ House in Hackney and had the genius idea of making alcoholic ice lollies. They’d be an awesome accompaniment to any summer festival or all day bbq! At the moment they’re still pretty new but are stocked in a few select stores in East London. I tried the Spritz popsicle which was a prosecco and bitter blood orange flavour. It was such a fun, different way to enjoy a cocktail and combined with their non-alcoholic ice lollies too, they’re such a novelty for a sunny afternoon!

Photo by talented Sophie Carefull

Our next workshop was run by Meylor Goods, a stationary brand who’s black and white minimalist contemporary aesthetic would be a stylish edition to anyone’s workspace or home. We embroidered t-shirts and attempted to embroider one of Grace’s designs onto a white t-shirt. It was such a relaxing workshop and so nice to see the different prints, cushions and cards that Grace has created. There’s an elegance about the brand which comes through in each of the designs and would make such a nice gift to give to a friend, loved one or even to yourself!

Photo by talented Sophie Carefull
Photo by talented Sophie Carefull

Our final workshop of the day was run by Kay from Leafage. Leafage create beautiful terrariums but also run workshops that allow you to create your very own tiny plant world too! Kay runs workshops all over London, but you can also purchase a home terrarium making kit too! I loved the contemporary jars we built our little plant worlds into!

Photo by the talented Sophie Carefull

At the end of the day armed with goody bag, terrariums and chocolate in hand we headed home. There were two brands that I wanted to give a shout out to who were included in the goody bag.

The first is the lace bralette from Lufsum. Each of Emily’s pieces are handmade in Bristol and so delicately crafted you would expect them to cost twice as much as they do. I received the Sennen Bralette which is a bottle green and navy blue racer back design. It’s so nice to wear lingerie that looks good but is also comfortable at the same time. I also love her Candyfloss and Gylly sets too!

The second mention is the brand Commodity, their candles decorated the room on the day of our workshops and I was so excited to receive their portfolio fragrance collection and Bergamot soap in the goody bag. Each of the fragrances are the result of a  collaboration from a group of entrepreneurs and artisans, they’re also unisex and cruelty free. My favourite of the set is the gold fragrance but love the Moss and Vetiver too, there’s something that feels so minimalist, but also luxury about the brand.

Thanks so much to Olivia for inviting me to this month’s event, it’s always inspiring to meet new people and independent brands who create awesome and different products.

Photo by the talented Sophie Carefull
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