Let’s chat about body confidence…

Have I mentioned I turn 30 this year? I’ve had my ‘I’m going to get a six pack before’ thoughts but I’m also busy trying to make a living, which definitely limits spending time in the gym. I recently went to Greece with one of my oldest friends, Daisy. We’ve been friends ever since she befriended me on the first day of year 7 (her reason being that she liked the pleather blue jacket I was sporting that day). We headed to Greece and though I was apprehensive about getting into a bikini, I was excited to go and lay out in the sun for a few days.

Daisy and I took a lot of photos on the trip, mainly in the comfort of the villa (which is predominantly where we stayed for the four days we were there!). We had great fun tryingto recreate those insta-poses where you stand with your legs ‘just so’ to create the most flattering silhouette. I’m not the most well behaved model, I would rather have a laugh with poses than take myself too seriously. However amongst the stream of peace signs and silly faces I found the photo I then decided to post on Instagram.

I’ve never posted a shot which reveals so much of my body, and though I’ve appeared in various people’s vlogs in a swimsuit, I’ve never posted a photo to my feed (especially one that showcases thigh dimples and all). When the photo went live, I was overwhelmed by the response, there were so many supportive people making me feel good about myself, but more importantly it made me realise that I looked just as good as anyone else who posts a photo of themselves in a bikini.

I’ve recently followed a lot more people who promote body positivity; individuals like Megan A.K.A Bodyposipanda who shakes her body at all the haters that come her way. If you don’t follow her already, she promotes the idea of loving your body for what it does for you and whatever your size, you should love the body you have, which I completely agree with. I also love that brands like ASOS have decided not to edit out the model’s stretch marks on their product photos either. Though there ARE people out there promoting body positivity I feel like different body types need to be represented more in the media and online.

It makes me sad to think that people feel like they need to make their hips/legs/noses smaller in the photos because of the aesthetic that you see all too regularly in the media. Sadly I now feel like it heavily features in Instagram photos too; everyone seems to look the same and you have to search hard to find any individuality in body shape. Which is disheartening as I believe it’s genuinely our differences that make us beautiful.

There’s so many reminders of this ‘perfect body’ online and in the media, that I worry people are looking at these manipulated photos and comparing themselves. This cycle then leads to people starting to think that their body isn’t worth celebrating, which is completely the opposite to the way we should feel.

That’s why I think it’s our responsibility to share real photos that feature the stretch marks, dimples etc. to make sure that real women are represented and embrace what makes us unique. I’d love to know what you guys think about the representation on Instagram and in the media in general- do you think things need to change?