Instagram – We Need to Talk

Instagram used to be one of my favourite apps. I was constantly inspired by my feed and, by all of the amazing content that appeared from the people I followed.

Recently I feel Instagram has changed and I’ve noticed my feed is inundated by more unattainable images of amazing travels, bodies, backdrops and gone are the days of sharing your morning coffee.

Don’t get me wrong, there are still elements of my feed which I love, however it now feels out of place to share an image of the ‘everyday’.

Recently I’ve been slightly focussed on numbers and putting pressure on myself to share pictures that rival the photos that I took on Safari a couple of months back. This constant pressure has resulted in me posting even fewer photos than normal, due to the fear that they won’t compare to my travel related photos. So I decided to put things in perspective; I’m not going to be able to recreate that genre photos at home and instead of getting down about it I should be getting creative. I treat my feed as a reflection of my real life, which means I’m not constantly travelling or ‘living my best life’.

An amazing lady called Allison Sadler recently started an Instagram movement called #freeupmyinsta. It’s about sharing something that you want to share instead of over-thinking that Instagram image. The only guidance you’re given is a daily prompt to interpret however you like. It’s so inspiring to find someone encouraging a more positive outlook on each individuals Instagram feed and saying, ‘stop focusing on numbers and post what makes you happy.’ (Thanks to Rachel, Fran and Olivia for introducing me to her feed!)

Today marks the first day of Alison’s next round of #freeupmyinsta. This week she’s teamed up with someone who’s Instagram stories are some of the best around, Charlotte from Betty Magazine. Charlotte and Alison have created 7 prompts (below) for every day this week and I would love you to join me in the challenge too!

I encourage you to look at the things around you and find inspiration in the everyday. You don’t need to stay in an expensive hotel or travel somewhere exotic to find beauty in what makes you happy. Share it because you think it’s beautiful, because 9 times out of 10 someone else will too!