Not Just Any Photo


After going out to take some outfit photos the other day, Steve and I got back to the studio and were laughing at all the images that would never make it up onto the blog (mainly due to me pulling stupid faces or awkwardly standing- it happens…often). This got me thinking about the photo that I use as my profile picture on most of my social channels. It’s the fact that it’s just one image from a stream of photos that were taken on that ferris wheel  and in truth 99.9% of the camera roll I’m not embodying that relaxed hippy vibe that’s portrayed in this picture.

This got me thinking about the blogging world in general. It’s an awesome place however there are two elements to it; the first is that bloggers are viewed as more accessible. I love that anyone can create a blog, whatever shape or size and still become aspirational, compared to the same model-like images that are sometimes portrayed in the media. It’s also the fact that bloggers style and set up their own photoshoots, which generates hope in all of us that if we style / go out and purchase similar items we may embody the same confidence and style they demonstrate in their photos.

At the same time I think people should also remember a couple of things; yes bloggers are everyday men/women with great style, doing it for themselves, but it is highly curated. Just like Steve and I rejecting the outtake images from our shoot, we choose the way we want to be portrayed. This is also the case with my profile picture, I chose this image and not the one taken directly after as I feel like it embodies the way I want to be portrayed. However, I also wanted to share the below photo taken of me directly after. As you can see it is nowhere near as ‘pretty’ as the photo before, but it’s still me.

In our every day lives we are infiltrated by images on Instagram and on the internet of perfectly poised selfies and amazing outfit shots, which don’t get me wrong I love to scroll through. Still this constant stream of perfection  does sometimes lead me to compare myself to other people, which if I’m not having one of my best days leads me to feel slightly negative about myself. That’s why I wanted to write this post, I wanted to remind people that for every beautiful photograph; there are a large amount of photos (just like mine below) which are not posted online.

At the end of the day bloggers are human and just like anyone else pull the same ‘unattractive’ and silly faces like the rest of us. I wanted to share the photo below to say you don’t need a great photo of yourself to remind you to love who you are, it’s not about that. You should love the way you look in the ‘good’ and the ‘bad’ photos because ultimately they’re both you and you’re awesome!

I hope this post is a little pick me up for anyone feeling less than picture perfect today. You’re beautiful whether you’re caught at the wrong moment or the right moment and who’s to say which is which?

In the words of Dr Seuss ‘Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than you’

Alexia x