Pick Your Own Fairy Lights

lost_found_keep_pick_your_own_fairy_lights_1 lost_found_keep_pick_your_own_fairy_lights_2 lost_found_keep_pick_your_own_fairy_lights_3 lost_found_keep_pick_your_own_fairy_lights_4Steve and I stumbled across this colourful shop on a recent trip to Paris and I couldn’t help but go in and take a look! It reminded me of an old fashioned sweet shop and was definitely as enjoyable deciding which colourful globes to pick. The idea behind the store is that you pick 20 different coloured globes and you’re then given a string of LED fairy lights to string them onto when you get home. I thought these were a great idea for a personalised present too. You can design your own and have them delivered too through website here.