East Africa Travel Diaries | Serengeti Luxury Camping

After a demanding car journey from the Ngongoro Crater to the Serengeti National park, we arrived at Asanja Luxury Camp at around 10pm at night. The few days we spent at the camp were some of my favourite from the trip. It was the ultimate height of luxury in the middle of the Serengeti bush. Every game drive was filled with prides of lions, along with big five animal sightings. If someone asked me to go back tomorrow I most definitely would! 


The journey from the Crater to the Serengeti is not a nice one, the road is barely a road and by the end of the 4 hour drive you will feel like you’ve developed a cough from the dust and you’re also a little shaken up from the road.


– I would recommend not taking the straight road from the crater to the Serengeti. If there’s another longer route around, I would go back out of the park and take that route! 

– If you feel you have to drive that road, take a bandana or scarf to cover your face, the speed at which the vehicles pass builds up a load of dust, which travels into the car. Crucially take plenty of water, there are no places to stop on route.

-Make sure when you arrive in the Serengeti check in area, you immediately go and check out of the crater before buying your pass for the Serengeti National Park. Just because you’ve entered the Serengeti National Park does not qualify as checking out of the Crater. When we entered the crater we had a time allocated on our Crater pass, which meant we had to check out of the Crater within 24 hours of the time we entered.

Reduce your tyre pressure to accommodate for the corrugation on the roads, it’s pretty bad due to the amount of vehicles that travel on it on daily.


Asanja Camp was like no other place I’d ever stayed before. The camp itself is called the ‘Lovers Camp’ in Masaii and if you were looking for a honeymoon destination with a difference I would definitely recommend this place.

The staff couldn’t have been more friendly and helpful; they even organised a mechanic to fix the Land Drover. With the manager travelling to the garage with Ben in order to relay the problems with the car. The camp itself has been in the same spot for 7 years and some of the staff have been there for that long too! I loved hearing the stories about the animals interactions with the camp.

In terms of facilities, your room is a luxury tent, which includes a kingsize bed (with added hot water bottles at night!), shower and private toilet. There’s no mains water in the camp, which honestly was never a problem, you also organise at  what time you would like your shower and they would heat up your water for you. There was also wifi at the camp, which was slightly intermittent, but you’ll be so busy with animal spotting you won’t want to sit on the internet!

The camp is unfenced, but guarded at all times, so you’ll be escorted back to your tent at night. We always felt really safe within the camp.


– When showering make sure you turn the shower off when you’re using the soap, it will make it last way longer and not leave you with soap suds in your hair. 

– The camp provides morning coffees or teas delivered straight to your tent at whatever time you would like in the morning. Organise this around 45 mins before you plan to have breakfast as it then doubles as a wake up call. 

– Make sure you spend time sitting around the fire at night, the animal sounds are insane and it makes you feel pretty alive.

– Take some time to sit outside your tent and watch the animal kingdom walk by. 

–  You can of course head out on your own self-drive game drive or organise one specifically with the camp, (it’s around $120 USD for half a day game drive- however the half day drive we went on lasted for 8 hours!)

– You don’t have to travel far out of the camp to see animals, there’s a pack of 20 lions who live within a 2 minute drive from the camp and the specific area attracts buffalo, elephants and impala too.

This was our first taste of luxury accommodation and it’s definitely a place to visit on a special trip to the Serengeti. The abundance of animals in the Serengeti is unbelievable and we were sad to leave our little oasis.