Stranger Things Netflix Series Review


‘Sometimes, people don’t really say what they’re really thinking. But you capture the right moment… it says more.’ Stranger Things

I can’t remember the last time I came out of the cinema and was really impressed by the movie I’d just seen. I feel like movie trailers nowadays tell you the whole story before you even book your ticket and it’s a bit of an anti-climax from the beginning. I also think with services like Netflix and Amazon Prime, they allow you
to watch amazing content for the price of one cinema ticket a month, which has completely changed the way we watch/consume content. Steve and I travel a lot so it feels like a novelty when we’re back at home for a longer amount of time and get back into a routine of everyday life. One of our favourite things to do is catch up on newly released series on Netflix, which is why I thought I would share what we’re watching on here.

This month we joined the hype and binge watched our way through Stranger Things. The series is set in a small town in Indiana in 1981and captures all the elements of a 80s sci-fi/thriller movie right down to the colour grading. We wouldn’t normally opt to watch a horror series but it’s produced so well that even if thrillers and horrors are not your thing; there’s a good amount of humour in the script to balance the episodes. The story is based around a missing boy and how a town finds out the truth about his disappearance. In turn they also discover the slightly disconcerting secrets surrounding the town that they live in. My favourite thing about the series are definitely the characters, I love the nostalgic way they play out high school crushes but also the humour that is included within the script. The costumes are also on point and I’m definitely thinking about channelling a bit of Nancy for this year’s halloween.

I don’t want to say too much more as it’s such a unique series, I think it’s best to go in without any expectations. Just be prepared to jump a little, laugh a lot and reminisce about your first high school crush.

Have you seen it yet? Would love to know what you think!

Alexia x