Sunday Favourites


Happy Sunday everyone, hope you’ve all had a great week! I’m so excited to share all the content I’ve collected over the last few weeks. Did you follow Booktober? Steve and I vlogged October and absolutely loved creating the videos!

Here’s a few things that have made me smile.

  1. Island Steve– If you didn’t catch my Instagram post this week, this is the photo of Steve that I shared from our stay at the Azulik Hotel in Tulum. It was so nice to chill out for a few days and Steve definitely embraced those beach vibes! lfk_sundayfavourites
  2. Seeing family and friends– I’ve loved being away and travelling, but when I’m away for a long time I love coming back home to family too. There’s something nice about coming home to the familiar, especially when you get home and these cute faces are greeting you too! LFK_sundayfavourites
  3. Toronto– Our first stop of the trip, I’ll be doing a separate blog post on each of the places that we visited but this view was one of my favourite things about our stay. sundayfavourites3
  4. Montreal– The colours of the trees here were amazing! Anyone that has a love for all things Autumn should definitely visit this city, especially Mont Royal. sundayfavourites2
  5. Tulum– Such magical hippy place, excited to share some photos of the hotel we stayed at too! LFK_sundayfavourites

Have an awesome week!

Alexia x