Sunday Favourites

Hello from a very cold UK this week! We arrived back on Friday morning and am already missing everyone in Cape Town. This week was filled with last missions around the sunny coast and when I’m sitting here and it’s -1 outside, it’s nice to look back at our last week of sunshine.

1. Penguins– These cuties were on my Cape Town bucket list from the start, and they didn’t disappoint! We went through the beach entrance and after climbing over a couple of rocks found about 40 penguins having a sunbathe!

2. #WomensMarch – Girl power to anyone who took part in the march worldwide yesterday, I was sad I couldn’t physically be there but think it’s an amazing thing to see so many people come together to celebrate diversity and female empowerment. The image below is one of my favourites from the UK march ❤️

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3. Great Small Things– I started this book in Cape Town and will finish it tonight. I haven’t read something in a while that has sucked me in as much as this one. A modern day story about race and the fact that issues are still very much prevalent at this moment in time.

4. Wine Tasting– One of my favourite afternoons was spent at Constania Glen tasting wine and eating from charcuterie boards. If you visit Cape Town, definitely spend a chilled afternoon there.

5. Cape Town Memories- This trip has been one of the best, so many nice people and a load of things packed into three weeks, I’m so excited for what we’ve got planned this year!

Image by Dan Carter

Hope you’ve had an amazing week and keep an eye out for some South African content coming next week!