Sunday Favourites

I promise my blog isn’t just going to be Sunday Favourites posts this year; but with my South Africa content taking a little longer to sort out than planned and a stupid cold putting me out of action for two days this week, I’m only just back on board with everything. How’s your week been? I hope you’re reading this post with a nice cup of tea in hand.

  1. #SaltBaeDisclaimer: If you’re vegetarian/vegan maybe this isn’t the Instagram for you. Steve showed me this guy’s Instagram and it’s pretty mesmerising, finished off with the way he so delicately sprinkles the salt at the end! Hoping he might open a restaurant in London soon…via GIPHY
  2. Cold Morning Walks– Do you follow my Instagram stories? If so you would have seen this post. There’s something about morning light when it’s cold that I love and this particular morning made me very thankful to be up and about. 
  3. West Elm Bookcase– Steve and I have been renovating our flat very slowly over the last five year; we’ve also taken our time investing in pieces of furniture. This bookcase from West Elm came before we left for South Africa and now we’re back we’ve had a chance to put it up! It completely changes the feel of the room. 
  4. London Shopping– I can’t remember the last time we went up to London on a shopping trip, but somehow we managed to travel up twice this week. An essential stop on any shopping day is Liberty and this is by far my favourite entrance! 
  5. La La Land – There’s been so much hype around this movie but I think it’s such a good one! It’ll make you smile, cry and believe you’re a dancing pro by the end of it. I’ve definitely been trying to recreate some of the moves back at the flat! I would encourage you to see it while it’s at the cinema, it was a film made for the big screen, with so many odes to old Hollywood musicals. Check out this video comparing sequences from the movie to old favourites. (Thanks Lauren for the link!)  La La Land – Movie References from Sara Preciado on Vimeo.