Sunday Favourites

These last couple of weeks have been slightly all over the place. Steve and I are finally having work completed on our flat; so have moved out while the ceilings are plastered and our electrics are sorted. With a super busy couple of weeks and a trip to Paris in between I feel like my feet haven’t hit the ground. But it’s nice to find a bit of time to think back through the events of the last two weeks.

  1. Paris in Winter– It’s one of my favourite places; every time we visit, even if it’s for a brief time, it makes me smile. 
  2. The Kite Runner– My family and I went to watch the performance up in London last week, it’s such a brilliant show and there wasn’t a dry eye when we left the theatre! It closes in London on the 11th March so if you do get the chance to see it I would really recommend it. Ticket info here
  3. Thoughtful Words– I found this quote in a shop in Paris and absolutely loved it. Translation ‘ I think anything is possible to anyone who dreams, dares, works and never gives up’ 
  4. Palais Royal– My favourite place from our trip last weekend, there are multiple photo opportunities, little cafes to hide out in and shops to explore. Definitely one of my go-to places in Paris.
  5. Casefile True Crime Podcast– I’ve been listening this a lot of these this week. I seem to be listening to more podcasts now while I’m working than music. This one has me hooked.

Hope you guys have had a great couple of weeks too. Would love to know what you’ve been up to ❤️