Sunday Favourites

Happy Sunday! How’s your week been? Steve was away in Finland and I stayed at my mum’s as the builders are still working on the flat; so living out of a suitcase for another week but getting pretty good at it now!

Here are my week’s favourites:

  1. Warm tea inside on a cold rainy day. 
  2. The lovely people at Stone made me feel like a new person, thanks Flavia for the new hair colour and John for the new shorter hair! 
  3. This! Ever felt like this in the evening? It made me laugh as soon as I found it!
    Image from:
  4. How to Get away with Murder- From Luther to this amazing Netflix show, it’s been a murder themed tv show couple of weeks. If you haven’t seen this one, I warn you it’s super addictive. Viola Davis is flipping awesome too! via GIPHY
  5. Gallery Wall Planning- Steve and I have finally found some time to look through photos and plan our gallery wall in the lounge. It was so nice to spend the afternoon going through the collection of photos from the past couple of years. Here’s one of Steve’s that made it onto the wall. 

Hope you have a relaxing day and next week is super productive!