Sunday Favourites

Happy Sunday Everyone! Steve and I have both been at home for well over a month now, which is the longest time we’ve both been in the country for the last two years! I’ve loved getting into a more homely routine. Here are my favourites from the last couple of weeks, also check out the end of the post for interesting things to read, do, listen to and watch this week! 

  1. Declan J Donovan –  This super talented guy was the voice behind the song that featured in our engagement video. This is his next single and I’m so excited to hear more from him in the future. Steve also featured it in his most recent playlist which you should check out too!                                                                                                  
  2. Giant Flowers for Wilde Creatures – One of the reasons things have been a bit quiet around here is because I’ve been working on a project which has taken me away from my computer screen! A few weeks ago I was asked to create some giant flowers and foliage for a theatre show which launches in London this December. It’s a collection of fairy stories written by Oscar Wilde, which is a perfect Christmas show for families to go and see. Come December I’ll be the eager one in the audience ready and waiting to see the giant flowers in action! If you wanted to find tickets; you can find them here  
  3. Kingsman: Golden Circle – It’s not everyday you get invited to a red carpet premiere, but on Monday Steve and I were lucky enough to be invited by Mr Porter to attend the premiere of Kingsman: Golden Circle. I absolutely loved getting dressed up and it definitely changed up a normal night in watching in Netflix on the sofa. (Didn’t manage to touch Channing Tatum though!😂)          
  4. Hello Fresh– This isn’t sponsored, but I wanted to give Hello Fresh a little shout out. It’s changed the way Steve and I plan our meals, and instead of reaching for Deliveroo because we didn’t organise ourselves to go to the supermarket, we’ve already got the ingredients for some amazing meals in the fridge. If you haven’t tried it I would definitely recommend giving it a go, you can also cancel at anytime if you don’t like the meals. We get five meals worth of ingredients and recipes delivered every Sunday afternoon; we then proceed to eat our way through all the recipes each week (with left overs for lunch)!
  5. YOU GUYS– I wanted to say a massive thank you to everyone who reads my blog or watches/looks at any of the content I produce. It sounds cliché but when you’re sat at home all day by yourself and you put out a piece of content, which gets a positive response, it genuinely makes my day! I appreciate every comment and message I receive, you’re all such a positive community and am so thankful for all of you.                                  

To Read: Do Artists and Designers Have an Obligation to be Political? A great insight into whether designers and artists should have an obligation to use their voice on social and political issues.

To Do: Visit Petersham Nurseries (I recommend having any of the cakes from the Teahouse, take a look at my vlog for more info)

To Listen: Someone Knows Something (If you liked Serial you’ll like this podcast)

To Watch: The Mist (Not as scary as you would think, but gripping)