Sunday Favourites

Sunday Favourites4

After being back in the UK for a few days I’ve spent a lot of time reminiscing about our time in LA over the last two weeks. Below are some of my favourite memories. Hope you guys have had a good couple of weeks too.


Egg Slut– Officially my favourite breakfast place in LA, it doesn’t look like much but this eggy jar of joy is so tasty!


Venice Beach Cycling– A chilled afternoon cycling on the beach is just what we needed to wind down after Vidcon. We cycled up to Santa Monica Pier; such an awesome way to explore the whole way all along Venice Beach.


Artwork around LA– I loved all of the murals on the buildings in LA but I found this little one on the pavement on La Brea Avenue.


Spontaneous Hotel Room Parties– The only thing I snapchatted that day from Vidcon was this photo of Steve and Dave, how funny are these tiny shot glass party cups?

Collaborating with Nicole aka Snow Babe– If you haven’t caught it already, Nicole Eddy and I created a little video, it was so much fun making it and so nice to spend time with Nicole as we don’t see each other very often!

Excited to be back and planning more adventures!

Alexia x