Sunday Favourites Holiday Edition

I’m currently writing this post from a small island just off mainland Greece; we’ve been here for the last six days enjoying the sunshine, blue seas and copious amounts of feta cheese. It’s actually Steve and I’s first proper beach holiday since our honeymoon, though we travel frequently, it’s not often we travel somewhere with the main intention to just relax and not create content. However, I have found myself getting that pang of ‘I should be doing something right now’ and then reminding myself that it’s ok to take time out once in a while.

This edition of Sunday Favourites is holiday orientated, from body image Instagram accounts to my favourite holiday read so far. If you’re looking for some holiday inspiration I’ve got you!

Holiday Read

One of my favourite things about going on holiday is that you have the time to catch up on things that get left out of your day to day life. I love to read, but I find myself on my laptop in the evenings and don’t allow myself any time to read more than half a page before falling asleep (it’s definitely something I’m working on!). I had to buy Into the Water as it’s the second one from Paula Hawkins; who also wrote Girl on a Train. Like her first book, the story had me hooked from the beginning; it’s set in a small town in the north of England and revolves around the mystery of a death that’s occurred in a place named the ‘Drowning Pool’. Like Hawkins’ first novel, each chapter is from a different character’s perspective, which means the story builds with all of the characters involved in the plot. I would definitely recommend it if you enjoyed Girl on a Train, it has that same feeling of suspense and has had me wrapped up in the characters who live in this little village for the last four days.

Holiday Skin

I’ve religiously used Nivea suntan lotion whenever I go in the sun. The smell reminds me of childhood holidays and it doesn’t react with my sensitive skin. As Steve and I are travelling in the sun for the next month; our first stop being here in Greece and then our next in Kenya, I wanted to get a suntan lotion which is specifically designed to be put on your face. I would normally just spray lotion on my face, but in the past it’s aggravated my skin and given me spots. This time around I’ve been using Keihls Ultra Light Daily UV defence cream, which is specifically designed to be applied to your face. It’s changed my holiday face game, apart from a couple of spots I travelled out with, my face hasn’t broken out like it normally does on holiday. I can now see why people use this as their daily moisturiser too!

Ultimate Beach Bag

If I mentioned the brand RAINS to you, the first thing that would come to mind would be their amazing rain jackets. However this holiday I’ve found another use for one of their products which has nothing to do with bad weather what so ever! Their tote bag which is made of the same material as their super waterproof jackets has proved to be the ultimate beach bag! Because of it’s waterproof material it’s the perfect combination for the sun, sea and beach combined. It’s also super lightweight which means you can empty the contents and fold it back up in your suitcase on the way home too.

Body Image

I’ve been in a bikini for most of this week, but have also been eating my weight in feta cheese too. I exercise, but am not the best at sticking to a routine or strict diet plan. You see all of these adverts for getting bikini body ready and quick fixes to make you feel more ‘beach ready’ but ultimately you’re beach ready 365 days a year; all of you’ve got to do is put on a swimsuit and place yourself on a beach. It’s hard when you’re surrounded by photos in the media, which are edited and airbrushed to the max; they create this distorted view of what women should look like in a bikini. No two women are the same, we all vary in sizes and shape and it’s our differences that make us beautiful. I’m going to do a more in-depth post on the topic, but my friend sent me Dana’s Instagram account this week. It’s all about self love and positive body image. If you’re having a down day it’ll definitely make you feel more positive about yourself.

Going offline

The internet on the island isn’t great and I’ve actually enjoyed having time offline to regather my thoughts by not being connected to my phone 24/7. The bedroom we’re staying in at the moment doesn’t actually have any phone signal. It’s amazing how much my phone has become part of my morning and evening schedule without me really taking much notice of it. It’s definitely something I’m going to take home with me. I feel like I wake up and go to sleep with a much clearer head than usual. If you feel like you’re constantly attached to your phone I would definitely say you should give it try, it’s amazing how much headspace it gives you.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little holiday edition and hope you’ve had an awesome week wherever in the world you are!