Terrarium Time

lost_found_keep_terrarium_time_1 lost_found_keep_terrarium_time_2 lost_found_keep_terrarium_time_3 lost_found_keep_terrarium_time_4 lost_found_keep_terrarium_time_5 lost_found_keep_terrarium_time_6 lost_found_keep_terrarium_time_7 lost_found_keep_terrarium_time_8 lost_found_keep_terrarium_time_9My friend Nicole and I don’t have the best luck when we attend places together and sadly the time we tried to attend the Botanique terrarium workshop at Soho House was no different. However the lovely people at Botanique sent us make your own terrarium kits to do at home. Lauren, Nicole and I had so much fun making the terrariums and were pretty proud of the end result!

Take a visit to their site for information on workshops here or a have a go making your own there’s a cute tutorial here, I would love to see how yours turned out!

Alexia x