Vintage Scarf – Three Ways

lost_found_keep_vintage_scarf_three_ways_1 lost_found_keep_vintage_scarf_three_ways_2 lost_found_keep_vintage_scarf_three_ways_3 lost_found_keep_vintage_scarf_three_ways_4Everyone has one, that square silk scarf you picked up from a vintage shop on your way home or a hand-me-down from your Grandma. I think they’re a great way of adding a little extra detail to an outfit using something that has a bit of history within it.

1- A great way to do your hair when you haven’t got time to style it properly, simply roll the scarf up, place in the middle on the front of your head and flip your hair over the top and tie at the back.

2- For this look you roll the scarf up less neatly than the last style, tie your hair in a rough pony-tail then tie the scarf at the front and twist the ends, tucking them back into the scarf and clip to keep in place.

3- Adding a scarf to a handbag is a super way of adding a pop of colour to your outfit or making a simple bag slightly more interesting. I also love the idea pairing a vintage bag with a vintage scarf- imagine if you could hear the stories the two pieces could tell.

Do you have any go-to accessories that add something extra to your look?

Alexia x

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