Visit London: Harmonics in Space Exhibition

Where NOW Gallery,The Gateway Pavilions, Peninsula Square, London SE10 0SQ

Dates 28th Feb-29th April

What? Harmonics in Space is an exhibition by Fred Butler. A room dedicated to the celebration of Shape, Space, Colour and Sound; exploring the idea that chromotherapy and light are an antidote to SAD (seasonal defective disorder) within city life.

Why Visit? The exhibition creates a calm, colourful, quiet space, which sets itself apart from it’s urban surroundings.

Tip Wear/bring socks with you, as there’s a no shoe policy. Definitely say yes to the headphones, the music transforms the space and allows you to have a personal interaction with the pieces.

Price Free

I first found out about the exhibition through a colourful post on Instagram (take a look at #Harmonicsinspace for some inspiration). I’ve always wanted to visit the Now Gallery as the majority of it’s exhibitions are free and easy to travel to, as the glass space is right next to the O2 arena.

I didn’t know what to expect; initially I was drawn to it’s colourful shapes, but once I had my shoes off and headphones on, it was amazing to experience how I took a completely different perspective. After taking a seat at one of the foam triangles, I sat and listened. It took me a few minutes to settle in and completely switch off, but once I’d got through the thoughts like ‘why am I sitting here’, I started to feel relaxed.

It’s so surprising how colours and light can completely change your mood. Fred’s motivation to create the space comes from her concern about ‘the future of human nature becoming introverted, isolated and immobile.’ It encourages you to let go of the instant gratification from constant scrolling and over stimulation which shortens attention span’ (Now Gallery website). In a day and age where we’re constantly connected to our phones, it feels like a breath of fresh air to enter a space that encourages you to put the phone down and take your surroundings in.

If you’ve had a busy week and need a little time out, I would definitely recommend visiting!