My Favourite Five Wedding Moments

I’m super excited to share some of the memories from our wedding with you all. This is the first post of three and we thought the best way would be to share our favourite moments from the day; so once you’re finished here head over to Steve’s blog to see his favourites too!

  1. Getting Ready

The night before the wedding I stayed at my mum and step-dad’s house, it was where I grew up and it felt right to spend my last night as Miss Evans here. My bridesmaids stayed over too and it was the best feeling to wake up with your favourite people around you, have croissants for breakfast and get ready all together!


2. Outside the Church

I felt nervously excited about what was about to happen; the vicar queued us up outside, I’d kissed my mum goodbye and for the first time that day reality had caught up with me. I remember thinking, through those doors is the man I am about to spend the rest of my life with and I couldn’t be more excited.


3. First Looks

I walked into the church to one of my favourite songs sung by our friend Josh. It was such a special moment and I think this photo shows the excitement Steve and I felt seeing each other for the first time that day.


4. Just after the ceremony

Steve and I wanted to get a great confetti shot outside the church. This was taken right after the ceremony, as we were running around to the back door of the church to make sure we could run outside once everyone had left. It was a lovely moment as Steve and I also got a couple of minutes to ourselves before we rushed out to meet everyone armed with confetti.


5. Walking into the reception

This was the first time we were announced as Mr & Mrs Booker; it’s such an amazing feeling to walk into a room filled with all the people you love. I remember sitting down in the chair and looking at everyone surrounding us and feeling like the luckiest girl in the world.


There were so many other moments from the day that I’ll always remember but these were the five if I had to pick.

Hope you enjoyed this post. Next I’ll be sharing all about our suppliers for the day!

All photos taken by Peach & Jo Photography