What to watch on Netflix

Some weeks are so busy or head-space filling that I find one of the only ways to switch off is to sit and immerse myself in a good series. With it being bank holiday weekend in the UK, I thought I’d share some of the series that I’ve enjoyed on Netflix recently. I would also love to hear if you have any favourites too!

      1. Designated Survivor– Steve and I’s current favourite series; it’s so gripping and will have you watching until the end. A new episode is released each week, but if you’re just starting you’ve got 21 to catch up on! A mixture of crime, thriller and politics which leads to you being on the edge of your seat for most of the series.
      2. Pretty Little Liars– I’ve binge watched all five series in an embarrassingly short amount of time. A strange combo of high school friendships, romance and murder thrown in together. Some of the stories are pretty out there but it’s so addictive and definitely one of my favourites to watch.
      3. Abstract: The Art of Design– A documentary series that follows a different creative in each episode. It explores their work, the way they go about it and what inspires them. It’s a super inspiring series, my favourite is Es Devlin’s episode, I loved it!
      4. Making a murderer– Binge watched this over a new years break with a group of friends. It’s an intriguing case and the production of the series makes you question who you think was really responsible. In the first couple of episodes there is a great deal of info, but stick with it.
      5. The Crown– I haven’t finished this yet but I’m seven episodes in and love the way this series tells the historic story of the young queen of England. It’s my perfect Sunday night show.


  1. I’ve really enjoyed watching each of the series mentioned and love the variety of programmes you can watch on Netflix too! It would be awesome to hear what you’ve been watching recently.❤️