Work Life Essentials- What’s in my bag?

My first year of self employment has taught me so many lessons, and it always amazes me that I could be working from a coffee shop in London one week and then from an air bnb in LA the next. Travelling in any form whether for work or for a holiday used to fill me with a sense of anxiety, but this fast paced unpredictable profession has taught me the art of being flexible, open minded, but most of all, to be prepared for anything that comes along.

One of the ways I’ve helped reduce any anxious feelings is to compartmentalise all the items that enable me to do my job into one place. This preparedness then enables me to capture the content I want to create wherever I am in the world.

The Bag

I thought I’d start with the item that holds my working world, my bag. I will always need it to be practical, however I also want something that looks good too. This laptop bag from Victorinox is the perfect mix of practicality and simple elegant design. Like their infamous Swiss army knives, each pocket and pouch within it has a purpose; from the padded section that holds your laptop, to the pouch that fits your passport perfectly. I’ve also used this a couple of times as a work and overnight bag in one, as it’s big enough to also hold a change of clothes.

For more outdoors orientated trips I’ve been using this duffel back pack  from Victorinox too. It can hold so much and, after hiking with it, I was super thankful for the padded straps on the arms too. It’s everything you would need for a travelling back pack and the fact that it’s expandable means that you could also pack for a short trip with it too.


In terms of tech I have four key pieces: my iPhone, my MacBook Pro, Canon 5D Mark III with a 50mm lens and my Canon G7X, with these four I can literally create content wherever I go. After years of working on a MacBook to edit photos and videos, the MacBook Pro has changed the efficiency of the way I work in such a dramatic way; everything on it speaks to each other that little bit faster, which means editing is made so much easier! I shoot most of my images on my Canon 5D; I love that it’s traveled around the world and I’m excited to see where we’ll travel next. I’ve also recently swapped my vlogging camera to the Canon G7X, due to having issues with stabilisation on the Sony A5000 and I haven’t looked back! My iPhone brings everything together along with a little bit of wifi and some good natural lighting (which I’m always on the hunt for) I’m good to go!

Photo by Jack Munsch


I’m one of those people that has to write things down; if I add a note into my phone or type it on a laptop, I can guarantee that I won’t remember it. I carry a notebook with me wherever I go! I also try to carry a book with me for long train journeys or for that little bit of off-screen time.

This last year has been a little bit of a whirlwind, I’ve loved every minute and am so pumped for 2018. If you’re about to set off on your own new adventure, whether it’s travelling or going in a different direction in your career, just remember you only need the bag on your back, a few key items to get the job done and you’re winning!

This blog post is in collaboration with Victorinox, however all thoughts and opinions are my own.